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Quite a big patch this time (possibly the largest yet) Featuring a new map called DM-Ruins. This map has been designed specifically for Standing VR, and for Parkour mode, featuring lots of busted ruins in a desert. The patch also features all new enhanced collisions for VR with a push back from walls now. A dedicated server in the america's region. Trackpad movement for the Vive, with predefined presets for Vive controls. Lots, and lots of bug fixes and improvements to all levels and weapons

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Patch Notes: Protonwar 0.15, its a big one!

Lots of stuff, here is a big list!
Just get in and play! If you do not like the shattered glass effect on death, let me know!!!

NEW MAP! DM-Ruins, designed as a cover shooter map for VR. This map is also insanely good for the Parkour mode in Non VR :)
New Pistol animations
Fixed lava damage sounds
Fixed projectile impact decal bug on meshes
Assault now starts with full ammo
Tweaked Stapler Gun vfx, sfx, speed
Tweaked AI mesh scale to be more "Real"
Death camera now stays on pawn, added shattered glass post effect on death

Standing VR:
Added trackpad movement option! (Settings -> Input -> Config Motion)
Added Motion Controller preset's for differnt preset controls similar to the gamepad ones, your preset is saved as soon as you select it...
FOV reducer is now just either on or off. Effect is now also more apparent.
All first person weapon scales tweaked in VR, and hand mesh sizes tweaked
Improved Haptic Feedback
Improved laser sight for Assault Rifle and Sniper Rifle
Improved sniper scope, fixed bugs with some distant objects not showing (hold down grip on right hand when using sniper rifle)
Fixed bug that allowed teleportation through invisible walls
Fixed death camera so HUD is still visible and rotation remains consistent

Seated VR, Non VR:
Fixed some camera roll issues in seated vr
Improved AI in Time Tag mode
Added fancy post effect when tagged in time tag (freeze!)
Tweaked info message hud fonts
Fixed crash caused by weaponbar

Known Issues:
Sliding in Non VR and Seated VR is now a bit bugged
Camera roll in Seated VR Parkour is not very smooth
AI still sucks, but is getting better, it is pretty "dumb" on purpose ;)

Full body IK, and possibly new arms/hands for Standing VR (very soon! and i promise to fix the bot aim to look nicer :)
Another new DM map, with another new theme, that can be re-purposed as a horde mode map
New Shotgun model
New Photongun model
Some new meshes for some of the pickups
Invisibility power up on the new map ;)
More variety for Horde AI + Horde character models
Full Oculus Touch support
Improved replay features *in vr*
more tbd!

I have also recorded a new video, featuring gameplay from the HTC Vive modes.

Have fun guys! And please, don't forget to leave a review on Steam!!!


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