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Post news RSS [Patch Notes HB14] Part changes and bug fixes #2

Below is a summary of the changes of the second patch for HB14.

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We've been busy patching some of the issues that you guys discovered with HB14 to get it more stable. For those who're wondering about some of the HB13 parts missing in HB14, no need to worry, they'll all be back soon!

At the same time work on the DirectX 9 update continues, and although this one isn't out just yet, it'll follow shortly! But we didn't want to hold this one back for any longer,since we managed to get engines to behave more properly and make car building easier.

Below you can find the changelog:

  1. Undo/Redo shortcuts (CTRL+Z, CTRL+Y)
  2. Save and save as shortcuts (CTRL S, CTRL+SHIFT+S)
  3. Tool shortcuts (upper keyboard numbers 1, 2, 3)
  4. Fixed the bug where the project menu remained onscreen after closing on lower resolutions
  5. Fixed glitches with propellers going to NaN RPM
  6. Fixed the propeller blade angle properties (they resetted to 0)
  7. Fixed flamethrower particle effect
  8. Increased player spawn time so that less people fall through the map
  9. New/more default vehicles have been added
  10. Fixed bug where wheels didn't hit the ground on small scales
  11. The new combustion engines (Falcon 6, M14P radial engine) now has a clutch worked in, here's a simple example of how to setup your car:
    User Posted Image
  12. Put new driveshaft system into place, this is a multilinking system and there are no spliters/mergers required and it will transfer the torque through the link chain to the users. The user RPM will now be calculated separately which isn't as realistic as the other system but it is easier and works (think HB13 way). This applies for the following parts:
  • Simple Falcon 6
  • Simple Single gearbox
  • Simple Car transmission
  • Simple Wheel Hub
  • Simple Propeller hub

And Lastly,

we wish all of you the best for the holidays and like to thank everyone once more, for all the support you've been giving us. As always if there are suggestions, bugs or so don't hesitate and let us know!


The Copybugpaste Team

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