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We've added new areas, optimized a lot, git DX9 to work properly, improved overall feel and fixed additional. Read more about it here

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We've been busy patching a lot of the issues people are having when running in DX9 mode, along with some other bug-fixes, and some minor tweaks/fixes that needed to be done for the overal experience.

You can enable DX9 mode by right clicking homebrew in Steam, selecting Properties and add -force-d3d9 to your launch options.

Below you can find the changelog:

  • DX9 mode finally working (menus still bug sometimes)
  • New areas added!
  • Flatland : A new giant landscape! About 100 times bigger than the Valley!
    User Posted Image
    User Posted Image
  • Hero Mountain : A giant mountain to test your extreme rock-climber cars!
    User Posted Image
  • Changed the PhysX number system, resulting in more stable physics calculations.
  • Improved the Wheel Physics calculations
  • Robot now moves with velocity in your vehicle
  • Edge of the world is marked with Pylons (think HB13)
  • Increased the Max Angular Velocity to 999
  • Combustion engines don't play sound when spawned anymore.
  • Vehicles get destroyed when entering the Builder
  • Fixed Watermesh Quality setting not working on VeryLow
  • Added Copybugpaste intro logo.
  • Lowered Grass quality (less dense then it used to be. This is to combat lag-spikes when flying over highly dense patches of grass at high-speeds)
  • Reconfigured Skybox and Fog.
  • Ocean updated to newer version
  • New Ambient greenland audio
  • Ambient sounds don't stop when entering the builder anymore.
  • Higher Rev sounds for simple Falcon 6 engine.
  • Robot is invisible in First Person View
  • New Ground/Grass textures
  • Changed the Rock Texture System (still causes some artifacts on terrain though!)

Running in DX9 mode will also give a higher FPS boost compared to the older version, so if your game is running a bit too slow, try running in DX9 mode!


Copybugpaste Team

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