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In.My.Mind-Horror-IndieGame-Patch Notes 28/03/2019

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Patch Notes 28/03/2019

Liv 0
*Delited collision that isn't necessary on objects.
*Solved a problem with door's font.

Liv 2
*Solved a problem with gas sound on level 2.
*Increased monsters' Speed.

Liv 4
*Improved illumination in some zones.
*Solved a problem with door's font.
*Improved some scripts.

Liv 5 1/2
*Improved the illumination in some zones.

Liv 5 2/2
*Solved a problem with water on level 5 2/2.
*Lightly changed the enigma of the level.
*Solved a problem with pad's font.

Liv 6
*Lightly changed the enigma of the level.
*Solved a problem with some Monsters.
*Add more Monsters.

Liv 7
*Solved a problem with some sound.
*Solved a problem with some Monsters.

*Solved problems with door's occlusion.
*Solved problems with objects that disappeared after saving the game.
*Solved a problem with saving during the enigma.
*Solved a problem door's saving.
*Improved game difficulty.

Known problems:
*Death Monsters sound reapeats if you enter and exit from the game (Lv. 3-4-5).
*Game illumination result wrong if you Start from Notebook, but I think it's a bug of game engine.

(This patch can cause probelms with game saves for the oldest version)

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