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This patch introduces Turn Timers, Improved UI, and Keyboard Shortcuts.

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These are the patch notes for the todays release - available now! Patch notes are also available in game from the "News" section of the main dashboard screen.This release focuses on addressing some of the most common points of feedback we've heard since launch. Please continue to let us know what you think.

  • Turn Timers are now configurable and part of match making. You can create and find games that match the schedule you want to play on. When you are able to claim victory you will get a notification, however, this notification only applies to games created after the patch.
  • Brawler Stats are now MUCH easier to see a at a glance. Hover over the brawler to get a quick breakdown of its stats. You can still right-click, or use the 'i' button to see full stats as before.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts are now in game, with 3 different styles. The basic function is that there are 3 keybindings that correspond to the 3 buttons you can get when you click on a brawler (primary action, info button, secondary action). For most users these will be bound to A:primary action, S:info button, and D:secondary action. You can also use 1, 2, and 3 for primary, info and secondary. The info keybinding can also be used while hovering over a card. Each keybinding can be used whenever a nameplate (displaying their name, and stats, now on hover) is active. Finally, if you're a huge nerd, like the Atomic Brawl development team - these bindings are also available in Dvorak bound to A, O and E!
  • Matchmaking algorithm tuned to find matches slightly faster.
  • iPad/iPhone problem that caused you to have to double click to make selections has been resolved.
  • Browser Notifications if turned on in the settings, will now automatically close themselves after 5 seconds.
  • Tutorial changes made to make it more clear where you're supposed to click.
  • Supporter status fixed for those who set up support and then cancelled renewal (thanks peeps!).
  • Copy On Effects for things related to cycles, and when certain effects expire updated and clarified.
  • Stunbot 2000 effect copy changed to better indicate it blocks attack.
  • Reward bug fixed which was reporting 'Sorry, [Object]' for rewards trying to be opened, which already had been.
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