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This patch, released on September 23rd, improves quick matches and addresses a bunch of bugs, and ui problems.

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Here's the notes for this patch. Worked hard to re-do the 3 minute match stuff based on user feedback. Thanks guys!

  • 3 Minute matches have been changed so that they're limited to 3 minutes of idle time, not total turn time. This means, as long as you keep the action going you should not run out of time.
  • Current Balance is now displayed on all metagame screens.
  • Stuck Games is a problem some users are having very rarely. This generally manifests itself by getting a 'Your Turn' notification, but when you load it it's not your turn. We're still trying to track this down. We modified some code which may of been causing the problem, but we have yet to be able to replicate this in an isolated environment. If this happens to you, please let us know ASAP. There is an easy way for users to fix this themselves, but we need help looking into the problem. Please note this fix only applies to games created after this patch was applied.
  • Zombium zombiums attack reduced to 15.
  • Nameplates shown in game under each Brawler no longer go into negative numbers.
  • Keyboard Shortcut for opening card information (S, 2, or O) can now be used to close that dialog as well.
  • Faq was added. Link to Faq is at the bottom of most pages.
  • Rewards now show rewards ordered by rarity.
  • Deck names may no longer include non-alphanumeric characters.
  • Collection screen now shows placeholder cards for cards you have yet to find.
  • Deck screen now indicates how many more cards are required to create a valid deck.
  • Leagues now have prettier graphics, and the explanation of how they work has been improved.
  • Scarecrow copy has been updated to be more clear to it's purpose
  • Messages like errors, or information in the bar at the top of the screen now stay on screen for longer.
  • Security hole patched up.
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