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Hi! ^^ I'm Kyle, from Paranormal Studios, and I'm here to announce a fixed version of my Custom Story.

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Well... As you see, I'm such a noob in this. This was my first mod. And even it was, I received some really good marks, wich was Unexpected (Badum Tss) Ok, I'm such an idiot and I'm wasting your time. So I'll go to bussines.
After reading the reviews and comments I made a list of mistakes I had to correct. Probably in a month I'll have all fixed so I can start making a new one for Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs.... Upsss. I talked so much. Anyway, Thanks for not being rude with me and excuse me If anyone hated my CS. I just wanted to make something new.

As usual, Thanks for being there and...

Stay Tuned~~

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