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New Patch fix etc for Garrysmod Released due to the several bugs found in the latest conversion patch. Enjoy, and hopefully this will be one of the final patches to come.

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Sup fat neck! Another patch for ya!

Fixed aim snapping away when someone enters a vehicle in multiplayer
Fixed rare Jalopy crash when running down NPCs
Fixed crash when turning on flashlight
Now shows only SWEPS that are on the server when in multiplayer
mp_forcecamera now defaults to 0 (in line with previous versions)
Blocked setting con_logfile from Lua code
Fixed undo error when rejoining servers
Fixed bullets doing damage even if damage set to 0
Fixed clientside ragdolls being weird when shot
Changed the way clientside scripts are loaded to avoid double init
Fixed Female_04 animations (Nickolas George)
Added debug command line -numshadowtextures to set the amount of shadow depth textures
Fixed double firing bug when clicking on the context screen
Fixed lamp textures not always duplicating properly
DS now determines whether content is installed before allowing spawn (Fixes Jalopy spawn crash)
Fixed NPCs dying instantly on DS
Fixed crash when spawning rollermine on DS
Fixed spamming "SERVER:" before Lua output on DS
Fixed weapon names sometimes showing blank in the Hud Pickup indicator
Fixed problems using some enums (like MASK_SHOT)
Fixed ScalePlayerDamage hook

Unless something really urgent comes up this will be the only patch
until around next Monday. There's a few things I've got to do, and a
few things people have been asking for, and a week sounds about right
to get them done. Plus I'd like to get into a routine of updating every
1-2 weeks (again, unless there's something urgent).

Anyway, if you're still having problems try Validating the GMod download (This will open a window in Steam). If you're playing on Vista and are having problems people are reporting that installing this hotfix from Microsoft fixes the problem. And if all else fails take a look at the Portal Support Page at SteamPowered, since GMod is now using the same engine a lot of the questions and answers are relevant.

And once again.. if you have addons installed REMOVE THEM BEFORE YOU BLAME ME FOR THE BUGS! Yeah they might have worked on the old version, but this isn't the old version.



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Buy it off steam. Ask your parents for some money or get a debit card, then link it to a pay pal account where you can use it to get it off steam. You need hl2 and css to begin with also. GL!

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