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Patch 257 is here featuring a crafting overhaul, multiple saves, outsourced dungeons & crafting, and new dungeons.

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Here's a complete listing of all the new features in patch 257 now available on Desura:

  • New crafting system
    • All crafting is now done through the combining system
    • Combine crafting animation & items combining in hands
    • Items now only show the combine button if there is a recipe with that item
    • Removed anvil
    • Removed workbench
    • Outsourced combining recipes
    • Added a crafting option to units that will list all craftable items while clicking them will queue the necessary combining actions to craft that item
    • Added clay at rivers, now required to make furnaces
List crafting

You now craft everything in the game by combining two items with each other resulting in 1 or more new items. There are still some recipes missing, like bone armor, stone spears, but they will be added in later patches. Due to this change most items now have their ressource costs changed. For example the stone pickaxe went from 3 flint and 3 sticks to now 1 log of wood, 2 flint and 2 sticks. Also added was the list crafting which will list all items that can currently be crafted from the selected untis inventory. You then can click one of them and all necessary items will be combined in such a way to craft the selected item.

There are still some limitations with that like not being able to choose what exact metal you want something be made out of, if you happen to have more than one kind of metal ingot in your inventory.

Here's a flowchart of the current crafting tree:

Patch 257 crafting tree

A lot of the metal working changed into needing a hammer (since the workbench and anvil is gone for now) and a lot of crafting steps. Note that this crafting tree will probably be outdated quite soon.

  • Fixed units moving into each other
  • Fixed immigrant arrived spam
  • Can no longer join singleplayer games
  • Disconnect button added back in
  • Useful tooltips will now have Ore & Wall show what strength the material they are made of ranks as
  • Fixed the game sometimes crashing when closing the game
  • Units on unloaded chunks no longer get drawn
  • Units on unloaded chunks no longer get simulated (client-wise), but updated once in view
  • Fixed job symbols floating off
  • The options menu and talents menu now has more, smaller buttons 8 -> 15
  • The options menu no longer prints the value of the option at the bottom
  • Lots of heap corruption/potential crashes -fixes
  • Press button on server window to close&save server
  • Set default fps limit to 120 instead of no limit
  • Scenario button now opens list of scenario's to start
  • Auto list saves
  • "You have died"-screen instead of game over windows prompt
  • Optimized the rectangle selection
  • Fixed dungeon spawning creatures having maxed out gear
  • Auto loading new dungeon instead of what dungeons exist being hard coded (You can just drag&drop new ones in and they will spawn)
  • Dungeons now connect way better than they used to; Especially towers will now more often than not spawn with higher bits
  • Outsourced dungeon spawn and dungeon connected spawn -rates
  • Changed "combineonlycrafting" server option to disable the crafting list feature
  • Fixed rings buffing wrong attribute
  • Reduced spawn rates for rare biomes
  • Added new rare biomes
  • Added gravel to certain biomes - chance to drop low tier ore pieces
  • Added a lot more flower types for alchemy
  • Fixed custom starting attribute\talent points not syncing properly
  • Added easybuild server option - build walls with only 1 material
  • Made dead bodies turn into a skeleton after it decayed instead of turning into bones & units no longer drop their items when they die (except non humanoids)

As you can see up there, dead units turn into skeletons. Those dead units will also keep rendering their armor that they had on when they died (it's hard to tell here be the skeleton has a white metal helmet on) and will stay forever.

Walking up to them you can loot them like a regular chest and take their stuff. If you still want the bones you will now need to put the skeleton in a grinder, as opposed to just being able to take the bones from the ground.

  • Fixed npc's not despawning after they died
  • Changed skeleton model
  • Changed weaponracks and armorstand inventory sizes
  • Fixed crash that could happen when picking up a container while it is open
  • Stopped starving symbol from appearing while the unit is dead
  • Fixed dragging camera crashing the game when there is no level loaded
  • You now get ressources back when mining constructed walls
  • Added 6 new dungeon modules
  • Sounds should be a bit more spot on
  • Added some experimental new low res wall textures
New wall textures

The new experimental wall textures from left to right:
Wooden wall, cobblestone wall, metal wall,
tiled stone wall, and tiled metal wall.

For more up-to-date development check out the game's website: Dungeoncraft.draig.de
Or follow me on twitter @Zinnusl

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