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Patch 251 is here, bringing water physics, better alchemy, and lots of fixes!

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Patch 251 is here, bringing water physics, better alchemy, and lots of fixes!

  • You now get notified if one of your units auto-built a signal fire
  • Signal fires now require line of sight to carry out their function if fog of war or unexplored terrain is enabled
  • Added health bars
  • You can now shift queue the inventory management-y moving of items
  • Fixed the "pickup all"-button not picking anything up sometimes
  • You can now shift queue building signal fires, crafting furnaces, and many more
  • Fixed units not doing queued up jobs if not having the command buff if the mode is enabled
  • Fixed you being able to queue up orders if the unit does not have the command buff if the mode is enabled
  • Fixed you being able to do square selection while having the move item cursor function in
  • Fixed a bug causing arrow-caused damage to desync between client and server
  • Units attacking, or projectiles projectiling from behind will now deal x4 damage (after the critical hit calculation)

This currently is a 180° angle behind the unit, which will probably change later to a smaller angle, since it might be too strong like this. This will probably be tied in with some more stealth mechanics later to increase it's use.

  • Fixed tile's top texture being mapped incorrectly ever since release


  • Fixed a tile's side texture no longer stretches
  • Added water physics

Water will randomly spawn in low amounts in some biomes and due to the physics, splattering all over the floor. You can then pick this water up with a glass bottle and put it somewhere else. Water slowly hurts units if they stand in it. There is no pressure physics-y stuff in it yet (water rising up fortresses due to pressure) and water will not spawn underground.

Patch 251

  • Added ocean biome

Ocean biomes will not be physics simulated. In fact, they're just there right now, block you're path. As with canyons, you can not spawn in them.

  • Added water spawning spell
  • Biomes are now way more uniformly distributed
  • Gates now save their material
  • Added 5 more elemental metals and 13 more alloys
  • Added boulders to canyon biomes and cacti to desert biomes
  • Enemies spawning in dungeons now spawn with equipment and have better (and more) equipment the deeper down the dungeon is
  • Fixed a crash related to digging walls
  • Increased spawn chances of items in "yellow grass"-biomes
  • Crafting paper now requires water (flask or mushroom) instead of a yellow flower
  • Fixed take all and drop all from containers not working
  • Fixed couldron contents not saving
  • Potion recipes will now be randomly generated, but will always consist of a flask of water and two ingredients
  • Potion appearance is now randomly generated, and it won't say what the potion does. You can however label the potion as to what it does, if you want to.

Patch 251

  • Units can now be named

Patch 251

  • Potions will not be consumed on their first sip, you can drink them 4 times now
  • People with a conflicting name joining the game will now have a number added to their name
  • Terrain deformation from fireball explosion, area of effect unit damage
  • Units now rotate toward the inventory they are interacting with
  • Implemented farming, allowing you to grow wheat and cotton

In order to do this you need to use some seeds, which you can find, having them near water and then have a unit hoe them for five minutes. After that, the grown crops can be "pickup all"-'d as well.

  • Mining now uses the farming animation if digging downwards (unit sort of bows down)
  • Ranged weapons now require bowstring, made from cotton
  • Removed the old potions and added 19 new ones

Some of them are hameful though, be careful! Next patch you will be able to throw those at someone!

  • Added formations

If you have units selected and drag the right mouse button any direction, they will now form a 4x4 formation facing that direction.

  • Fixed trees showing above your viewing level if view level culling is on
  • Enchanting table crafted from the anvil using 4 planks and 3 paper
  • Beds now cost 3 cotton and 4 planks to craft
  • Enchanting of items using the enchanting table with any unspent attribute points as currency

There currently are just two available, this will be expanded.

  • Skill ups now give 8 attribute points

If you're not aware: Skill ups means wether a given skill was brought to it's next rank, i.e. from Dabbling to Novice, etc. You also gain talent points this way.

  • Attribute cost now increases based on how many points have already been spent

I made this change for three reasons: Firstly, to give more power to the enchantments, since attributes would outpower them otherwise. Secondly, this will give you more reason to spend points in other attributes, like spending points into intellect and wisdom, if you want to gain an increase in experience, rather than putting it all into intellect, since it has more uses. Thirdly, it makes talents more powerful. I think this rebalancing is welcome, since there were a lot of other talents, like the active ones or the skill-related ones, that we're way better than just increasing one attribute. The cost of upgrading them will increase every third point spent by one.

  • Fixed a bug causing weapons to deal less damage than they should
  • Pathfinding when mining and building will now only update when the job is interrupted or finished

(The mesh that is, just to be clear.)

  • Gates can now be crafted in the workbench and dropped wherever

They can only be picked up by their owner though. I will probably make some kind of passive "drop one gate here" happen later, to replace what was there before, but also to expand it to beds and other things, too.

  • Fixed switching of gridoutline option on a given mined tile
  • Fixed inventory move not indicating that you can move into the same item's space
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