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Patch is building and going out as we speak. Quality-of-Life improvements and fixing Bad Joke's brain. Graphical improvements as well!

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Patch 0.2.1. is live (going live, at least.) Short list has some basic functionality spoilers, so don't read if you don't want those! Here's an even shorter summary for those of you who want to keep secrety secrets:

Rotten doesn't sleep talk, you know how to open and close a mailbox, Bad Joke has her animations now, bots don't lag as much, Bad Joke learned some cool facts, items are much easier to interact with successfully and aren't ghosts, inventory screen is more intuitive, crushed some bugs, and now you get a pat on the back when you win. Hooray!

Short list of changes, a little more precise and with some spoilers:

  • Rotten no longer hisses when he is not active in the level or asleep.
  • Mailboxes and their base functionality have been added
  • Furniture in the maintenance office added
  • Coolette’s stage no longer disappears randomly
  • Ciao Ciao no longer knows when you have the light on and the door is closed
  • Bad Joke has: Walk, Idle 1, and Special Animation (Front), and… a standing anim
  • Bad Joke also has: x1 Attack (Front) and x1 Attack (Back), as well as x1 Sleep and x1 Wake
  • Bad Joke no longer sometimes spawns inside the stage
  • Bad Joke no longer gets caught on the poker table and stands sadly until 5am
  • Bad Joke now successfully attacks from the back, no currently known errors
  • Fixed megalag on “instant attack” bots (Lady, Bad Joke, Peppermint) (Interval time)
  • All of Bad Joke’s anims are, technically, assigned and in-game
  • Bad Joke now taps and waits, loops seamlessly, sounds applied but not refined
  • Bad Joke now increases the speed of attack when the light is turned on + she’s watching
  • (Is Difficulty Weighted)
  • New Action Point system for interactable items; all implemented items working (?)
  • Some items purposefully negate this (such as the doors)
  • Can - ideally - no longer interact with items through walls or behind obstacles
  • Tape in Inventory no longer disappears when hovered
  • Main character is no longer shiny enough to see yourself in
  • ⅘ of Bad Joke’s anim errors seem to be fixed
  • Bad Joke’s Double Trouble is fixed
  • Actual game win screen should show now, should stop all bots from doing stuff

I've been going a little slower than usual for a plethora of reasons, including taking a bunny to the hospital. Fun stuff. :) Uh anyhow, yeah, that's what I have for you.

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