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Post news RSS Past Fate - Early Alpha Gameplay Trailer #2

Newest gameplay trailer of the medieval MMORPG Past Fate.

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We released our second gameplay trailer of Past Fate which you can see down here! The video features some early gameplay, showing few locations and scenery of our current alpha build.

Current State of the Game

Currently we have pretty much 3 classes 80% ready and playable. This is the Necromancer, Warrior and Mage. Each class has its own abilities that represent the ideals of what that class is.

The main story of Past Fate is also optional once you get out of the starting area. From there on the players can freely explore the world and do quests, slay monster & hunt treasures as they wish if they meet the level requirement of that specific zone. The world of Past Fate is huge, so there will be multiple same level zones to choose from!

We had few internal testings of our first early level dungeon, which went as expected. The dungeons are going to be ramping up in difficulty. Blackfang Keep, which is the early level dungeon designed for levels 10-15 is going to be easier than a dungeon for level 30-35 range.

Plans for Endgame

Our main plans for the endgame is to make it feel and be rewarding. Higher level activities (raids, pvp and world bosses) will reward the best type of gear wheres other activities like treasure seeking, puzzles and dungeons will still have a chance to drop some really amazing items, but those items will have lower drop percentage than from doing raids.

Journey Ahead

From now on we are fixing replication bugs and issues that we have found within the game, polish mechanics and add some more content to our alpha build after all that is done.

We are also most likely going to be starting our kickstarter campaign soon so we can better develop the game as we need more custom models & custom music for the game. We think kickstarter would be best option where backers can help to test out the game's PvE aspects and PvP.

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