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In this first part we will see the craft, and the various components that will present to you.

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Part 1 : THE CRAFT

Hello everyone, this first part we will see the craft and components available to you.

Image Composants

Here are the different components (Left to Right) :

  1. Wood : Used for many craft, it is nevertheless not the most useful components.
  2. Stone : The stone is used in some craft, but without a pick, you have to find a way to break the rocks.
  3. Leaf : The leaves are used for bandages .. And maybe something else?
  4. Liana : Lianas possible to fix the elements together. Like a rope.
  5. Bamboo : Bamboo is an uncommon material, but frequently used as strong as wood.
  6. Pointed stone : To what use a pointed stone...

Now quickly see 2 craft (among those implanted in the game) :

  1. The walls : Mur DroiteMur GaucheUsed to defend your camp. Useful, right ?
  2. The shack : Cabane simpleUsed to protect from the rain, and can sleep easy ...
  3. Video of the harvest :

The first part ends, if you have any questions don't hesitate. I don't want you disclose more for you keep surprises.

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