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In this video preview of Paranautical Activity, we show off 2 new weapons. The crossbow and the machine gun. Also making his premier showing is our new enemy, Lecter. A giant moth that shoots homing shots. All that and more in this video preview of Paranautical Activity!

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We’ve been working on adding some more weapon variety lately. We implemented a crossbow and a machine gun to that effect. The crossbow is a ton of fun to use. Very difficult to get good at it, yet insanely satisfying once you master it.

We also added a new enemy. It’s a giant moth. He flutters around, occasionally shooting homing shots. We call him Lecter.

Finally, we added item rooms. Item rooms contain special items that can make or break your run. Most items are stat upgrades that increase damage, movement speed, fire rate, ect. Some have more interesting effects like making your bombs stick to enemies.


Find it funny that the crossbow makes the minecraft arrow sound. Is there going to be a melee weapon for when you run out of ammo, though with the amount you have I find that pretty unlikely

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CodeAvarice Author

I'm not sure how we're gonna deal with running out of ammo yet. I'm sort of leaning towards just giving the player infinite ammo for their gun actually. It's either that or a weak infinite ammo pistol as backup.

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