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Post news RSS Paranautical Activity Beta V1.1 is Live! Video Inside!

A texture overhaul, and nearly double the content of V1.0! This crazy fast roguelike FPS just got 200% crazier!

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If you haven't already, you can buy the game here: Codeavarice.com for just $5.99!

Here's a quick video showing off some of the new content:

The full changelog:

  • Added 1 more gun
  • Added 2 more bosses
  • Added 2 more enemies
  • Added 2 more floors
  • Added 5 more items
  • Added better gun sounds
  • Added gamepad support
  • Added new boss items
  • Added new environment textures
  • Added new splash screen for the main menu
  • Added randomized bosses
  • Fixed Skullito falling out of the level
  • Fixed backless lightning bolt render glitch
  • Fixed doors sometimes locking you out of a room
  • Fixed elevator occasionally leaving you
  • Fixed ledge jump glitch
  • Fixed misplaced map glitch
  • Rebalanced crossbow
  • Rebalanced item drops

Great update! The new weapon is very fun to use (though difficult to use on butterflies, unless I'm missing some trick. I typically try to get as far away as possible from them and hope the bomb explodes in air right on them.) The new room textures look great.

I ran into a glitch where my crossbow stopped firing. It would still draw back the arrow, but it wouldn't fire anything. Switch to another weapon and then back to it didn't fix the problem.

I hope to get to the new bosses soon!

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CodeAvarice Author

Thanks! Glad you're enjoying the update!

The crossbow glitch is strange...I'm aware there was a glitch that made the crossbow bug out if you paused the game while charging it, but I thought I fixed it. I'll see about getting that sorted out in the next patch.

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Btw, I like how the items work together/balance each other.

I just got a chance to play some, and used the shotgun with the blubber, speed boots, and rum. Was very fun.

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CodeAvarice Author

Haha, that's a great combination!

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Oh yea, I figured out that with the new weapon, I only need to get the bombs under the butterflies to be effective. If they are near the wall, it's usually easy to stick the bomb there. I also figured out that floating bombs effects that gun.... I assume Powder Keg and Gum does as well. It's awesome.

I had problems using the crossbow and chain gun in recent runs. The chain gun was acting weird when starting up. Sometimes it would start up in a few seconds, sometimes it would take 5 seconds... and sometimes it just wouldn't respond. As for the crossbow, it was a little different than before... It was firing, but even when charging up, it only seemed to shoot a short distance. I'm not exactly sure how to describe the behavior, as I died in the first room that I went in after equipping it.

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