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This article presents new features of Paradigm Worlds: We, the Creatures! mod for MB:Warband. FEATURES CATEGORY: PLAYER INTERACTION

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Paradigm Worlds: We, the Creatures!

This article presents new features of Paradigm Worlds: We, the Creatures! mod for MB:Warband. FEATURES CATEGORY: PLAYER INTERACTION


  • Special Missions- I promised, and I deliver. Fully functional system where you can make good use of your companions.

  • Quests! - You can send your companion AND LIVE HIS QUEST, as he will return and debrief to you. Quest is a set of a few major events: small-batlles combined into a short campaign. It is kept in form of a story presented in a form of dialogue leading from one battle to another. [hint: If you start Warband in Edit mode, whole text from quest will compile to a file rgl_log.txt that is located in main Warband folder. You can extract story from there.]

attrition water food

  • Food, Water, Survival. Health - PARADIGM WORLDS just gained little survival flavor. From now on you need water to run a party. Water comes in quality grades, where clean is highest, industrial lowest. Best is milk, of course, straight from a farmer. Hunger or thirst decimate your company. Your party may be attacked by disease, which can fought by medicines, like antibiotics, which you can prepare in the Field Hospital.

  • Attrition - Allow me for personal remark, I hate attrition in games, I hate loosing troops like this. That is why... Attrition in Paradigm Worlds is so fun!
    • Your troops do not have to die, they can be just vomiting or blinded for some time (wounded).
    • If they - unfortunately - die, there is always a chance they become zombies, or even more powerful undeads!
    • Or... your troops might go crazy, or be transformed to Mutants.
    • I bet everyone now is looking forward to it, don't you worry, there are plenty new events ready to trigger the killing grinder.
    • Don't try, however, starving or torture with thirst your troops, consequences are severe.

  • New Tactic & Strategic Options - Camp Menu and sub-menus have been redesigned to provide better information and new actions. Camp Menu gained Strategy menu where player can change things regarding Faction like lord's titles, map color etc.
    • TACTICAL option offer various actions like preparing an ambush on world map, organizing war games to train troops, or even turning own troops into slavery (and much more).
    • Each action needs some kind of special item like Weapon / Lab Equipment, and does not happen instantly.
    • Action is tested by party skill. For instance preparing war games involves skills warfare and professional. They affect XP gain and time needed for preparations.
    • Ambush may be prepared also as a defensive measure. After all by performing successful action, player's party disappears and becomes invisible on world map. That way you may surprise enemy if you can anticipate his route.
    • Field Kitchen offer new food recipes. You can combine food bought from merchants to create better quality rations.
    • Field Hospital does not only offer care for wounded [varied Healing Sessions], but may be a a place to conduct mutagen experiments or extractions.

  • Reports & Notes [Factions & Centers] - with the arrival of new mechanics panels providing information have been refreshed, regrouped. In Reports player has access to his medical - physical and psychological - condition. Below in-game there are short tutorials explaining basic functions. For instance player (and any other creature in Paradigm Worlds!) psychological health is measured by Sanity [0-100%] and #psychostatus. Negative status like humiliation, fear may cause lose in Sanity, or gain in Controversy. Of course, this applies to a player in a same degree as to any other creature. These parts of reports are provided with short tutorials and faqs, player can also find elaborated tutorials through talking to various creatures in the Paradigm World. System is built in certain logiic, for instance art of negotiation can be learned from a bard.

  • Item better descriptions - any item's info contains clear category description, so during shopping it is now easy to tell which item is an arrow or a pistol, or whatever else. Thanks to that buying and equipping is a lot easier.
    • some weapons wielded during battles can trigger special battle modes. Now all weapons have description: which mode and how do they trigger it, so can be easily identified

uruk race

  • Race presentation and description - with the description comes some more info about world's history, origins of races etc.

  • Special Battle Mode /reworked & improved/ - During battle, player can enter one of 3 special modes. Each weapon type grants access to different mode
    • [RAGE BRUTALITY] - activated by melee weapons (one and two-handed, polearms) - slows down time* - Huge Killing Bonuses to melee combat, almost total decrease in accuracy (rendering ranged weapons useless)
    • [RANGER MODE] - activated by any bow, small firearm like pistol, smg or some unique items grants time-freeze*, improves accuracy, dramatically improves damage and provides slight zoom effect at a cost of melee combat skills.
    • [SNIPER MODE] - activated by sniper rifles - grants time-freeze*, does not grant any special skills, provides ultra-zoom
    • Time-Freeze (actually slow-down) works ONLY when at starting panel 'Enable cheats' is ticked. Zoom, and special skills work no matter.

rage brutality

Rage brutality mode - visuals

  • Being imprisoned may be fun, or even a smart strategic decision! With the new event imprisoned player can become band leader, and take over after retired bandit commander*. At a price of honor. There is separate event thread for being imprisoned by noble creature as well. Becoming gang leader opens doors to the world of criminals, world that is more powerful than ever!

*This outcome of story is inspired by a movie, I challenge anyone to guess which one.

  • New Font - clear, simple, smaller. More text on single screen, visually fits world (cyber-tech immersive)*

* apologies, fantasy theme fans! Don't be angry, there is a lot of new stuff that is prepared especially for you, you won't regret staying with me, promise! As a last resort I will publish shortly after release sub-mod with fantasy interface. Respect all.

  • Party map speed - All parties on map have re-balanced speed.
    • speed is seriously affected by party size (which sounds very reasonable and gives small parties some advantage),
    • partially by terrain type (forest, plains, etc.)
    • party skills like Logistics and Survival. Depending on terrain type Survival is more or less important than Logistic. For instance in the mountain-forest which is one of toughest terrains to move on, survival plays main role. On the plains - easiest terrain - Logistics.
    • Player can further improve his party mobility by reading new books.

  • New options:
    • Autofire On/Off - what it does? From now, player can turn tides of fade of the whole system with a single click. Setting this to 'off' means that all machine guns, smg's and any other weapon, that could be use for continues fire, can shoot only single shot. This doesn't affect player though. Best thing is, that all skills still apply to accuracy, ranged damaged, everything still works as usual. That means complete re-balance of power. Most powerful group of weapons, becomes common rifles or pistols. You have imagination, you can see perspective here, especially when it comes to estimating military power of any of 30 factions that includes this mod.
    • Player Health 75-400% - It is not hard to be almost mortally struck during battle. Even best armor in the game cannot offer complete protection. Concentrated enemy machine gun fire can put down in seconds toughest of all. It can be frustrating, that's why theire is new option in Paradigm Menu. There are couple of options ranging from 75% (survival mode for hardcore players) to 400% of 'normal' Battle-Health. It means that additional health gain works ONLY in battles, however it works in all other encounters like tournaments, and so on.
    • It is worth mentioning that special heroes like lords, and bosses (and ultimate bosses!) - they all have higher health multipliers by default
    • Companion Mutation On/Off - turns on/off mutation for companions. This option in Paradigm Menu was made specially thanks to suggestion/ask of this forum fans. This way your favorite ones will be same for ever. TURNED OFF by default! [companions do NOT mutate]

This article is a part of main presentation of Paradigm Worlds: We, the creatures!

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