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My first attempt at creating a basic network-playble side scroller in a total of 48 development hours is about to enter its 37th hour, and it's shaping up quite nicely!

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I've spent the past decade developing games in my spare time (which I don't have much of) with unique game play that aren't side-scrollers, first-person shooters, RPG's, MMO's; and aren't even multi-player. Recently I've been feeling the urge to just stop doing things that way, and just make a good old multi-player side-scroller before I burn myself out. My motivations are:

  • I want to see how fast I can make one by myself using only Unity and very limited amounts of third-party assets
  • I want to jump on the bandwagon of fellow developers who have made side-scrollers
  • I want to make just one game in under three months, and to have released one multi-player action game in my life that people might enjoy.

I decided during a recent hiking trip to do just that; I would try to make my own 8 player "Sunset Riders" game. However, as I'm still committed to finishing my other in-development game Dominoze, I'm putting a cap of a total of 48 hours on this project before I stop and re-evaluate my goals. The actual time will be spaced out for as long as I want (and I'm guessing I'll be done in mid-June).It's like my own personal 48 hour Game Jam except I don't lose any sleep.

How it looks after 36 total hours of development

Once I hit hour 48, I will stop development, release it as-is, and decide what to do next depending on the feedback I get and how much of it. It seems like it could be a nice little game with a bit of polish and maybe some help from another studio (since I want to get back to Dominoze soon).

I'll be posting updates every few hours; I hope I can get everything I want done in the next 12 hours of development (hopefully by Sunday; if not next weekend at the latest)!

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Before anyone says it: Yes it's wrong to take a movie of a multi-player game with one player in it, but the Photon network cloud is down in my area at the moment. I'll post a new video when it's back up!

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