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Lots of building system improvements, batching and a long week of testing.

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Devblog 6

We have been working on the building system and performance optimizations over the past week.

Julian implemented batching and fixed a lot of building related bugs. We did testing sessions almost every evening to track down most of the issues.

We also took some time to build some nice bases instead of trying to screw the system and to break anything.

PantropyClient 2016 10 22 12 56

PantropyClient 2016 10 22 15 38

All bases will be batched once the player is 500 meters away. We will have to do more testing how this will affect the performance and gameplay.

PantropyClient 2016 10 20 23 59

Julian also coded some jetpacks wich come in very handy when building huge bases. We haven´t decided yet if they will make it ingame but we were pretty suprised that the we still had great performance while rushing through the map at 100m/s.

PantropyClient 2016 10 22 15 14

We now have a password system for doors and you can build on rocks.

We will be really happy once the building system is polished and running smoothly. We can´t wait to work on all the other features again.

vlcsnap 4599 05 02 09h15m07s532

Osman created LODs for all 26 building assets. We also have some optimized collider meshes for all the base parts now. This should boost the performance of the game a lot.

Anjar finalized the lowpoly mesh and normal map of the heavy armor. He will create two different skins for it this week.



Jim finished the giant creature model. We got lot´s of funny name suggestions from the community.

giant creature01

Alex finished a new awesome ingame track for the Pantropy.


Dmitry is working on the base control module and the T2 smelter.

Tyson was working on more enemy sketches and some plant designs. Jim has already started working on some of these.

AI guard bot


I am still busy with the new map. The basics are done but we still need a lot of more rocks, details and plants.





Sebastian Kaulitzki


those plant concepts are fantastic

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Pantropy Author

Thanks! Yes our concept artist is doing a fantastic job. We canĀ“t wait to have these ingame.

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