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Article tells about the reached results in work on the panel of crew and the importance of crew.

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BOAT project, works on crew.I continue the news cycle devoted to development of crew of the boat.Last time, I told about how crew existence in a compartment, influences repair of a covering and leak elimination. Today I will tell about deeper penetration into boat systems.I will begin, that besides a covering, the crew has to influence and separate knots. Now it is realized. It looks so: Each sailor owns a certain specialty. Existence of specialty determines the speed of repair of knots. The Dizel-men will repair the diesel quicker, than акустик, and the electrician will restore the battery earlier, than the torpedo-men will be able to make it.On a screenshot: Crew in compartments, all are live. I specially guided the cursor at a torpedo-men that you could see his characteristics.


* Now when targeting, allocation by a frame is added: the live – green, the victim – red.The sailor has specialty of Torpedo-men, there are on a post Torpedo tubes, is quite healthy, has modest basic and special experience.The correct arrangement of crew on posts – pledge of fast repair. If on a post there was not that person, it doesn't mean that repair won't be. The knot will be repaired, but for bigger term. Unfortunately the situation not always allows to repair long the device, sometimes boat life depends on the speed of repair.The player should remember and watch always about it correctness of an arrangement of crew by the ship.The following step – work of knots. On sailors depends not only repair, but also work of knots. The diesel won't turn on if near it there is no dizelist. The electric motor couldn't be included if the post near it is empty, torpedoes won't shoot if there is nobody to press the FIRE button. Such dependences are on all knots where there is no automatic equipment. Here the example of a standard situation, the boat receives the serious loss, the first (a torpedo compartment) leaked:


Apparently from a screen, repair is resolved and begun. Now we will look at a condition of crew in a compartment:


You see that the crew of the first compartment is occupied with repair. About it tell pictograms of repairing sailors.I will distract from a subject. At this time we pass a minefield:


I will return to a subject. And so, repair was successful, sailors eliminated a leak and increased the experience:


But except a hole in the case, the first torpedo tube suffered also. It is visible on a yellow icon of the unit.

After water pumping from a compartment, repair of the torpedo tube begins:


It is visible according to the image of two crossed keys over the unit.

We will glance in the crew panel:


We see that the sailor standing on a post of the first torpedo tube, started its repair.It is possible to notice that on the previous screen with crew, experience at the sailor was less.

After successful repair, the main experience increased. If it manages to repair the torpedo tube, special experience too becomes more. The control panel crew – the tool of a convenient configuration of opportunities. Crew – elements at which competent arrangement, it is possible to receive the maximum advantage and vice versa at bad formation, not to receive anything except problems.

Death of sailors.
Having told about repairs and work, I want to tell and losses. As any normal person, the sailor is subject to opportunity to be lost. In the future, sailors will have more options of death, than today. Now, the sailor can choke only. This option, in a bigger measure depends on the player.As it was spoken in the previous article, the player can transfer sailors between compartments. It is necessary if the player wants to put on repair of the most skilled sailors or if the player, wants to rescue the sailors who are in a sinking compartment.

The lost sailor, is displayed on the panel by the separate picture.

If the compartment is filled in by water, the pomp doesn't manage to pump out, and experience at sailors in a compartment a little, it is certain chance to flood a compartment. Now, on the panel of devices, there are water level indicators in a compartment and the hole sizes. If the player observes rapid growth of water and slow reduction of a hole, it is worth bringing sailors out of a compartment and to transfer them to safe, dry compartments. The compartment will choke, and sailors will be live. If not to make and wait for it when the compartment will be filled in completely, the crew which is in a compartment, will be lost. The lost crew member will take a place where he was lost, but the player can transfer a body there where it won't be stirred, and on its place to put other sailor who most likely doesn't have the necessary specialty and it is possible as a whole less skilled. Loss of each sailor badly influences boat opportunities.

Crew pumping (Professional development and experience acquisition)
During a campaign sailors can save up experience, both special, and basic. Basic experience is saved up always when the sailor was occupied on covering repair, thus didn't get wounds and wasn't lost, and the repaired site was successfully restored. It is more difficult to gain special experience, it is got if the sailor, repaired the device suitable under its specialty. All data on the gained experience, pass with sailors from a campaign to a campaign. Therefore loss of the skilled sailor, is undesirable. In the following campaign, to the place of the lost sailor, another will be put – the young sailor having small experience. Unfortunately, writing of article lags behind work. Already now I finished works on the cabin. The cabin – a unique compartment. It is unique that it is impossible to get to it if the boat under water!

Feature of the cabin that repair and service of elements, is possible only in case the boat over water. Still I applied automatic equipment. If in the cabin there are problems if the boat on surfaces, the sailor himself leaves to the cabin and will begin repair. If the boat begins to plunge, the sailor will go down in compartments and won't drown. But there are nuances. Automatic equipment works if in compartments there are free sailors from work, otherwise, it will be offered to player most to choose the sailor for repair in the cabin. And one more nuance if all "free" places are taken when time in the boat will come to go down, the player again will warn that on the bridge there were people and immersion is dangerous to them.

On turn deck teams: Divers! And observers … On it I finish the second part of the story about crew, on turn the third, I hope not less interesting. If someone didn't see the first, welcome to my site volgamePOINTru, in the section "news", you will be able to find the first part of "Crew".

To the word:
Quite recently potential players complained about weak graphics. Unfortunately, I am not able to solve this problem. If knowing people undertake graphics – the chance is, otherwise, it remains same bad.

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