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Paintball First Person Shooter released on Steam today.

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Paintball 707 is a small paintball shooter focused on fun, not realism.
The game is my second one-man-indie-project and a by-product of Eve of Destruction.

There are 4 different 'maps' wich can be played in singleplayer against bots, and also in multiplayer against friends:

map airfield

map arena

map hangar

map warehouse

map woods

An internet connection is recommended for multiplayer but no server is needed. (Multiplayer is working via Photon Cloud and everyone can create a multiplayer-room with a few clicks.)

Target is to capture the enemies flag and of course mark the enemies with colored balls!

In multiplayer these modes are available:
Conquest (capture flags)
Team Deathmatch (Teams fight against the other team)
Deathmatch (everyone fights against each other)

In singleplayer there are some gimmicks, wich can be activated by marking them several times:
- Speed (run speed x 2)
- Gravity (weightlessness)
- Slowmotion (slow-motion)

The game was released on Steam today.

A standalone version for players without Steam will be available in our shop very soon.

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