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NEWSFLASH! I have decided to continue work on a more advanced version of Painkeep. This new tasty gibblet flavor (X for extreme?) will have many features detailed below - read it now!

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The v1.2.1 source will be used as the code base. A few planned features:

Bots - almost perfected in 2 lay the smack down helpings - frikbot and pk*bot.
Chase cam - advanced version from the chaos mod with the death cam special.
Visible weapon - no more guessing if your opponent has an axe or a gravity well.
New weapon support - flame throwers, an all shotgun option - plenty of DM goodness here.
- Wile E. Coyote's bomb
- Particle beam
- Reggie Bannister's famous quad barrel shotgun from Phantasm II.
- Railguns
DarkPlaces map support - quake 3 maps, converted doom maps, woo-hoo!

Also like to - support artifact painkeep items, any maybe support PainKeep Arena maps.
You can still download v1.2.1 while waiting for this exciting new update.

Codename Cataboligne - programmer / technician


Cool! How about QW support?

I run a Painkeep server, has lots of nice stuff added like vweps etc. Will yours be open source? Source for my modded version of painkeep is here:

I find the PKArena map support intriguing because I converted most of those maps from vanilla q3 to PKA. The screeny with Altarbeta was nice!

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numbersix Author

Oh wow, a comment!

Hi there Jim. I will check out your code and possibly even play on the server.
Most of my projects are open source (except for maps that I am not finished with - I wont release map code until I am ready to retire all work on the map.)

Came up with the PKA support idea because I just got silly q3 teleporters working under darkplaces q3a map load. seems there is more than misc_teleporter_dest entities that can be used (like target_teleport on Altarbeta)

I'm looking into QW support - the mod mostly runs under fte (except for the harpoon fire, no idea why...) This will be well beyond the finalization of the 2.0X code base though.

Altarbeta is one of my favorite maps to test and play on. Specially after I talked darplaces into doing the fog right.


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:( at the new weapons

I hope all the atmosphere is retained - pain keep arena had none of it and never reclaimed the popularity of the predecessor.

I am a big fan of the original Pain Keep since the day it came out, dakyne is the best

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