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I've been lazy about updating the ModDB page. I shall resume regular updates now.

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So this page got abandoned by me a few months ago after Uber dropped the Titans expansion and nuked all of my plans. I resumed updates to the mod in late September, but as far as this page goes, nothing happened.

There are three reasons for this:

1. I'm lazy.

2. ModDB was never the best venue for distributing PA mods in the first place. PAMM allows automatic mod installation and updating instead of having to dig through folders and edit text files in order to get mods working, which results in me simply not caring about updating the mod on here. GA got over 1000 downloads on PAMM, while on here it attained only 300.

3. ModDB downloads: As an extension of the previous point, when I first put GA on here I did two things: I firstly told people to download it off of PAMM instead of here, and I secondly posted downloads of two packages, both required and gave instructions on installing. Unfortunately, people didn't read those instructions. The result? The clientside portion of the mod had about 4 times the downloads of the serverside portion of the mod. In other words, about 3 quarters of my downloaders had no idea what they were doing even though I told them what to do.

Why am I coming back?

Because I'm being less lazy.

That being said, please do your self a favor and download PAMM so that you can properly install the mod and update it as needed.

vvv CLICK ME! vvv

Planetary Annihilation Mod Manager

^^^ Install via PAMM (Recommended) ^^^

Note that the mod does now REQUIRE the Titans expansion pack. You can get this off of the steam store or on the armory for about $13. In addition to preventing the mod from breaking, Titans adds about 25 new units, including five "Titan" experimentals/megabots of better quality than anything included in GA.

Attempting to play the mod without Titans will result in crashes if you try to build or use certain units. You have been warned, so don't do it. Just get Titans.

Please use the above link to install rather than the manual install below.

vvv Install Manually vvv

Galactic Annihilation Titans v2.22

^^^ Not Recommended ^^^

Have fun.

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