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The final version before the show case of Blast from the Pass.

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What’s New?

Some of the new things we added were the color filter in the background, add a level preview, more commentary, and fixed some nuances. Mostly refining stuff.

What’s the Motivation?

We added the color filter in the background to help the players indicate which side they are on so they would have a better understanding of their purpose in the game. The level preview was added to make it easier for the player to choose which level they might want to play. We added more commentary to add to the immersion of the game. We also made the victory screen more interesting by added a slight particle effect so it's more enjoyable. We also made sure that the buttons were in the correct order to cause less confusion.

What’s Next?

P3 Gold is the last deliverable that would be submitted for Blast from the Pass. But if we were planning on releasing another iteration, we would probably consider making more levels so that players would have a larger variety of scenes to choose from. We would also try to change the aesthetic of each of these levels more that there is more incentive for players to change levels besides for difficulty. Another thing we can iterate on allowing the players to customize their character and choose their own teams. That way they have more control over the game set up.

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