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An update on our p3 Beta version of Blast from the Pass.

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What is new?

We add in transitions between scenes, refined the tutorial, added some juice to the game (the cage fade), re-instantiated parallax with our new background, added new signifiers to help players pass, and changed up the controls.

What’s the Motivation?

We are currently refining the gaming experience with more visually engaging elements with the use of transition, parallax, and juice. We wanted to add a new signifier to help players locate their teammates to help them to pass to encourage passing and highlight the passing mechanic in our game. We wanted to change up the controls because we kept getting negative feedback our control scheme even with our tutorial. We wanted the controls to be more intuitive because despite the tutorial people are still frustrated. We also tried to clear up some confusion in our tutorial that was causing people to spend way more time in the tutorial than we wanted.

What's next?

We want to continue to improve the tutorial because we're still not certain if players are understanding our controls. We still need to add some sound affects into the games and more animations. We are going to add more juice like adding some sort of glow to the bomb.

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