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In Chronotopia, you have to visit a forgotten fairytale proving to be Donkeyskin. And you can explore its castle freely!

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Donkeyskin lives a peaceful existence in her castle, enjoying her days with her best friend and confidant, Nahima. That is until her father, gone mad since the death of his beloved, decides he should wed his daughter instead. The young princess has to find a way to escape from this fate, but how? She doesn’t know it yet, but it’s the beginning of a long nightmare that will take her to the edge of madness...

At heart, Chronotopia is a dark retelling of Donkeyskin with many twists and choices that affect the endings. The game will also include some point & click elements with several segments allowing you to explore the castle to discover its secrets. As you can see on the video above, we’ll be making the most of our beautiful animated backgrounds and RenPy 3D camera to produce a more dynamic presentation than visual novel usually have.

Wander around the abandoned wing of the castle to find clues about a way to escape.

The idea is that you can interact with the background to learn more about the world you’re in. Taking the time to do so unlocks some bonus but it’s not mandatory =). I hope you’ll like being able to explore!

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