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A 2D adventure platformer where the play will jump between platforms, dash multiple times, and manipulate a room's content by changing its predominant color.

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Hello everyone! Today we will be sharing an overview of "Anything but Dark", our 2D adventure platformer with a thought provoking narrative and pixel perfect challenge, targeted for Microsoft Windows PC and Nintendo Switch.

After an unfortunate accident, the protagonist finds himself lost inside an unexplored cave that seems to be bound to his emotions, exposing neglected facts about his ominous past. In our game, a young adult engages in a journey to find and accept himself, going through the darkness of the cave until reaching the light and whatever awaits him in the afterlife.

The player will enter a room and, after a quick analysis of its contents, he will be able to think of a viable route to get through it. To push forward he must jump between platforms, dash multiple times, and manipulate the room's content by changing its predominant color, repeating the cycle until finishing an area and proceeding to the next one, where new kinds of interactive elements and platforms will be presented, resulting in a major ambiance change.


  • Spacial puzzle solving - Each room presents a different challenge.
  • Color specific elements - Chain the different colors' elements to complete levels.
  • Multiple level paths - Different kinds of players may find different ways to complete levels.

This was an early look at "Anything but Dark". If you want to know more about our game, stay tuned for consistent updates about its development.

To wrap up, we'll showcase some screenshots of the game's prototype, all still featuring placeholder art for the time being.

Showcase of vines

Showcase of water/ice walls

Showcase of blackholes

Showcase of trampolines and ghost platforms

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