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A question we often ask ourselves is ‘How can we make Overstep better?

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Developing Overstep is a cycle of iteration. A question we often ask ourselves is ‘How can we make this better?’ but my personal favourite is ‘What if?’, the answer to that varies and is often quite surprising. One such instance regarded the game mode itself. For a while we had 5v5 down as the chaotic pinnacle of fun, but we asked ourselves our favourite questions, and found a wonderful solution.

And that solution has led to this happy announcement:

Overstep will be 3v3!

We gave the switch some good old fashioned stress-testing and we are pleased with the results. The latest progression of our game mode has resulted in a few key improvements:

The first is a welcome boost to the matchmaking experience. Finding matches is now faster and fairer – you’re more likely to be paired with allies and opponents of a similar ability.

The second is an enhancement to teamwork dynamics. Not only is it now easier to form a team with friends, but it has developed the tactical depth of our gameplay, meaning each member will play a greater role in their team’s success.
And success is a mountain. Iteration means pushing to the next plateau, and we can’t wait to share the next evolution of Overstep.

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