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Platformers are fun, and including puzzles make it twice as nice.

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Overflo Game – Dev log 2 (September 16th 2016)


Overflo Game is progressing, however slowly because I have a full time job and wife and kids. It's progressing none the less. This weeks dev log includes some sketches and artwork for Level's 3 and 4, Train and Sawmill, respectively.

Focusing on puzzle creation at this point, like level 2 sewer

OverfloGame Puzzle Mechanics

Level 3 train hopes to bring the player a bit of relief from exploring and changes pace by confining player in 1 of 6 train cars each with a puzzle.

The hope is to have a key pop out of a random crate of coal after it's been incinerated that unlocks the door to the next train car. When I say random, the game will randomly generate the key's position every time the level loads so it will never be the same. Hopefully this will add an element of replay-ability and suspense. Here are some sketches and the resulting art work of the completed product.

Level 3 - Train

Level 3 Train car 1 - Inside

This should be fun....

There isn't just the insides of the train cars, you need to enter the train car after you leave level 2 Sewer, so there's a lead up:

Train Entrance to 6 puzzle cars

train outside

There will be 6 more cars puzzles to play through. The train will lead you to Level 4 - Sawmill which just completed the art development phase, but hasn't been implemented into the Unity game engine as of yet, but will soon, maybe for week 3 dev log :)

Level 4 - Saw mill under development now. Will feature action packed blade, log, fire dodging

Level 4 Saw mill sketch

Also last week I told you about some more characters, so here they are:

Overflo Game - Spidercus boss

Spidercus Boss

That sums it up for Dev Log 2 - I hope you are following the articles and updates for the game. Overflo game is a dream of mine to develop which is why i hope it will be played by people who appreciate that hard work that goes into it, but more importantly it's fun :p

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