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While Overflo Game is a platformer, it’s also an adventure with physics puzzles and combat. I want to challenge and captivate the players mind Dev log 1

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Overflo Game – Dev log 1

Overflo Monstermower fun

My number one goal with Overflo Game is to provide players with a fun, captivating experience that will transports the player into another world. I hope Overflo game gives off some notes of my 90’s childhood inspirations such as Mario, Donkey Kong, Zelda and more recent platformers like Super Meat Boy that provide a more gruesome and current take on the older platformer games. While Overflo Game is a platformer, it’s also an adventure with physics puzzles and combat. I want to challenge the players mind, not unlike Limbo game or Inside. While Overflo’s puzzles aren’t as advanced, they are challenging and more importantly, fun.

Our heros development

Development of our first character, hero.

Slymer - Roaming Creature

Slymer is a roaming snail who's lifetime locked in a toxic sewer has mutated his shell into a pipe (which is collectable)

Slymer Attack

My intention to provide the player with a challenging experience that requires thinking for reward, I developed a puzzle pully mechanic that can be re-used throughout the game. I had a design for a level, and no way to implement it using Unity's standard tools so I developed a custom pully system (WIP) using procedurally generated meshes that are completely adjustable and dynamic to UI defined elements.

Puzzle Mechanics

Initial sketch up of pully puzzle element

This custom element can be reused to create some interesting puzzle mechanics throughout the game

We have a few enemy characters that I want to show you before I end this dev log.


was born out of the need for difficult combat in certain areas, to slow player progression and add an increased sense of panic:

This guy is really mean and hard to get past, he will follow you out or into water sources

There's so much more to show you, including the combat system, dialog system, towns people, enemies and more. Please come back to the next dev log 2 for more, hopefully next week.

This is it for the first devlog. I hope what I'm doing will give people a fun experience that they can enjoy for an amount of time. Thinking of adding Multi Player when development is near complete to extend the replay-ability and fun of game. Let me know your comments and suggestions.


Really enjoy the art style of the character designs!!!

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ruckusgamestudios Author

Thank you for the kind words!! My character artist is very good and I make sure he knows it, ill pass the compliment.

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Thank you =)

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