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Check out some quick clips from our latest playtest stream and see what we've been up to!

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I'm the world's worst updater but we've been hard at work the last couple years (if you want more frequent updates: Discord.gg is the best place!). We're super excited because for the first time since development started, Circuits is finally coming together and our gameplay is looking solid. We recently had a couple twitch highlights we wanted to show off.

For those who don't know much about us, Circuits and Shields has a unique game-mode called Circuitball where players look to carry the ball into the enemy team's endzone using a unique blend of teamfighting, positioning, and overall teamwork. In both clips, you can see the clutch saves and outplay potential this mode has and we're super excited for the public to play it!

Going to make an effort to post more updates here, but we hope to see you in Discord and look forward to the community's continued support!

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