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In the post-apocalyptic world of Outcast Tales, there is no humanity, pity or mercy. You will lead a squad of scavengers on a venture across the wasteland in pursuit of profit, food and all sorts of cool stuff! Each character has a unique combination of class and personality, which will provide an unrepeatable (literally!) adventure.

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Combat-based action is broken up by short tongue-in-cheeck events, during which the traits of the heroes are revealed, and your choices determine your squad's history. The pool of events is huge, and personalities and classes can drastically change the outcome.
Your enemies will be strong but predictable. You need to explore their flaws and quickly adapt to different enemy compositions.

How We’re Unique

Classes + Personalities

Each member of the party has a class AND a personality, both affecting different aspects of the game. This leads to a lot of combinations for the player to explore.

Unique balance of fighting and story

Action is broken up by funny events full of character. Bond with heroes, make choices and create your own story. The pool of events is large, offering a lot of variety. Personalities and classes affect the outcome of your choices.


Transparent enemy moves + Challenging enemies = Strategic battles

While not unique to gaming in general, this approach to battles is not thoroughly explored by roguelites. The enemies are strong, but often have flaws to exploit. You can’t use the same strategy every time and have to adapt to different enemy compositions.

Tongue-in-cheek dialogue from an award-winning game writer

Outcast Tales mixes post-apoc, Western, and sci-fi to create a relatable yet original world — and goes to town with it. In terms of tone, think Firefly or Douglas Adams.

How It Plays

  • Pick your party. Each run, choose 3 characters out of 8 available classes (unlockable). Experiment with synergies and party compositions to slay everyone in your way!
  • Different personalities. Every character can choose a personality from the 7 available (unlockable). These influence their dialogue, battle capabilities, relationships, morale, stats, and overall style — but most importantly, they can drastically change the course of events.
  • Tough tactical fights. The heart of the game lies in the tough tactical fights. The enemies are strong, but often have flaws to exploit. You can’t use the same strategy every time and have to adapt to different enemy compositions.
  • Choose/upgrade abilities. As you progress through the game, more options become available. Find the right synergies or harness raw power!
  • Loot! Some items support your strategies, while others can change the whole approach.
  • Make choices. Every node on the map offers a text event. A smart choice can grant you loot or help two characters form a bond, while an unsuccessful one might end in a disaster.
  • ...Or watch characters make their own. A trigger-happy Daredevil might not wait for you to solve things peacefully, and a likeable Eye Catcher might defuse a conflict with a joke. Personalities can drastically change the course of events!

  • Forge lasting bonds. Over the course of an adventure the party members will grow to become friends… or bitter enemies. Nudge their stories to receive unique events and outcomes!
  • Recruit companions. From cute baby lizards to passionate fighter-pilgrims, all kinds of characters may aid you on your journey.
  • Lose companions to tough enemies because the desert is a harsh mistress and all life is fleeting. Get sad. Get revenge.
  • Tongue-in-cheek comedy amidst desolation. This world has seen better days, but moping won’t help anyone. Succinct and sarcastic events and dialogues from an award-winning game writer offer a laugh and a breather between tactical thinking.
  • Slay bosses… or sneak past. These large and unique enemies come with their own mechanics and storylines. The rewards may be game-changing — but are you in a good enough condition to take them on? Sometimes it’s smarter to walk past a fight.

Try again. Most bands of misfits fail — this is a roguelite, after all. But even failed runs bring progress in the form of unlockable classes, personalities, and items. You’ll be better equipped next time — and the game’s high variance offers high replayability.


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Perok - - 44 comments

I remember about this since playing Wondrous Lands but this was like 4-5yrs ago!? u guyz sure this will ever be finished?

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HardLaneStudio Author
HardLaneStudio - - 4 comments

Our project has been under development for a long time, but we want to make a game that players will love.

Reply Good karma+2 votes
Perok - - 44 comments

Not so sure about the love part. After playing the demo a few times: game's rough around the edges and looks like a static HoMM, action is repetitive down to boring (u end up hitting the same buttons over and over again), gameplay is too intelligent forcing the player to overcalculate and play defensively, unbalanced and difficulty is unjust (once I lost in the second move on normal!). It lacks the pleasure of doing a kill, winning a game is just a tedious task. Animations are cheap, long development doesn't justify current state. This is nowhere near WL. WL was funny and losses were acceptable. I doubt this will sell well, I myself wouldn't play this as it is even for free. It doesn't have a target audience, if it's for kids u need better anims, effects and more skillz, if its for adults it needs to be more casual. I think this game is just for you the devs lol. No intention to burst ur bubble, just my 2 cents, pls don't take it personally!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
HardLaneStudio Author
HardLaneStudio - - 4 comments

Perhaps you have never participated in game development and do not know how difficult it is, without a budget and not having a lot of free time, your feedback is one of the first negative ones, but we understand that we cannot please everyone, so we will try

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Perok - - 44 comments

only trying to help here, positive feedback is rarely helpful. Besides i was a WL fan and I know ur real skills. PM me if you care for more input.. didnt wanna spam everything here

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baszermaszer - - 446 comments

Amazing UI, really nice graphics. Superb music and good sound effects! Congratulations!
CHOMP the Lizard pet is the best feature of this game. Then.. in the first fight Chomp dies and you kill the fun. :D :(

Very nice combat animation poses!!

You could increase the font size - offer font scaling in SETTINGS, as you don't really use all of the dialogue window: there is empty space on left & right.

I wish Ragtag Crew were more like about a 8+ member party of mercenaries in a cruel world, where we could buy pets, war beasts and war-robots to help the party fight.

Overworld movement is okay. There is however too many text and way too many party discussion. I read a few at the very beginning, but now I just click several times *without reading* just to advance the party banter to be able to select an option.

Unfortunately the combat gets very boring and repetitive on such small battlegrounds with the combatants standing so close to each other. :(

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
baszermaszer - - 446 comments

Same problem that Iratus has. Looks amazing, but the combat is not satisfying to my surprise there. :( In Ragtag Team the same problem.
Maybe if you let the players fight on a HOMM3-sized battleground? I have no idea how to fix this.

Blackguards 1-2 was excellent, since those games had tactical combat on a big battlescape with obstacles (and map-object interactions).

The first run I had to abandon on MEDIUM difficulty, because the large Gomda was so weak with full athletics(??), Sarah performed okayish and Alice was horrible. :((

I would very much prefer this being a combat-focused game, where selecting the soldiers offered me lots of war-like abilities. Currently there are a lot of boring, non-combat related abilities. Most selectable in-combat powers are so weak, as if this game was designed to intentionally NOT suit players, who love smashing enemies to bloody bits without thinking too much..

So, I guess, looking at the design choices, despite the amazing graphics and nice UI, I won't be able to play this game ever. :(

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HardLaneStudio Author
HardLaneStudio - - 4 comments

Such games are intended for a narrow audience, fans of this genre who are not afraid of the complexities of adventures and like to reflect on tactics

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HardLaneStudio Author
HardLaneStudio - - 4 comments

The maximum number of mercenaries is 3 and one pet, perhaps we will increase to 4, game discussions are very important, they help to learn about relationships within the group and about the history of the world in general.

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