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Outbreak: Pandemic Evolution Release Date and Trailer are finally here.

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Hello everybody,

we are happy to announce the release of our Co-Op Survival FPS game Outbreak: Pandemic Evolution. The game will be available at Steam Early Access on the 9/9/2016. We also have a bit more information about the game for you. Enjoy the trailer!

Outbreak is a first person survival game set in a beautiful open world where you have to scavenge by day and survive the night in your hi-tech base dug into the mountains. Scavenge the land taking everything you can to recycle into turrets, ammo, traps, guns, food and gadgets. Other scavengers will shoot on sight but as night time falls an even greater threat will appear. Fortify your base, keep it repaired and research a weapon that will end the mutant outbreak.

The game allows you to play coop with friends, hosting your own servers you can control who joins your game. Time is essential as the longer you play the larger the outbreak will become as it spawns out three classes of Mutants, each one larger and more deadlier than the last. You must craft all manner of defenses to survive the attacks as well as find a way to destroy the mutant threat. But first you must secure the power station so that your base is operational, everything requires power, your turrets, recycler, doors and your lights. Keep everything repaired and you may survive the night.

Core Features
* Single-Player and Faction-based Co-op Survival. Play alone or with your friends who can join at any point of the game through steam.
* Dynamic Story-Telling and Event System. (See Below)
* AI Personality Profiles : Combat is dynamic, the AI might flank you, run away, call for help, depending on the situation and each NPCs personality. This is especially the case on the military side.
* Beautiful Open-World with dynamic Day & Night Cycle, already optimized for average PCs.
* Crafting System, which allows you to create weapons and upgrades using different types of machines in your facility.
* Building System, allows you to reinforce & upgrade your base.
* Looting System, each area in the game has different types of loot, you might find an area with a lot of resources for your base while other regions have higher chances for personal items like weapons, upgrades and supplies.
* Food/Drink System balanced to a level where it is fun. We added it to add strategy to the game, not to annoy you.
* Blueprint System. Find blueprints to gain access to more craft-able items.
* Faction AI System, non-scripted fights between mutants, military and you.
* Decision System, the game has been designed to react to your decisions.

Storyteller/Event System
There are two factions fighting, the mutants and the Military. You must survive in this war but you can also influence the outcome as each faction spreads over the map. The military will order air strikes against the mutants and try to hold key locations such as the town and their own military base, they will call in air supplies that can be intercepted. The mutants will also try and take over the map and will eventually try to over run your base if they are not stopped. You have your own agenda of survival and both the mutants and military will kill you on sight. The game will try to stop you any way it can and no two games will be the same thanks to the story telling mechanics that bring the two factions to war.

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