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Voxvomit is currently working around the clock to bring our first title to the public. The title has not yet been named all though we have a few ideas on what to call it. We will leave you with some screen shots to fill you in on our project.

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Our current project has been unique and fun to play since we started development on the 24th December this year. After adding more and more levels it has become more and more fun to play and has some unique features and fun core consistent game play.

When we started development we knew it had to look good and play good at the same time. We are very happy with the graphics we could achieve using the unity engine and also love the in-build physics making life much easier.

A unique feature that we thought worked perfectly was the ability to split into a smaller blocks and move around more easily and also to fit through otherwise impossible gaps.

With over sixty levels to be featured in the final project this game will provide some good playing time however we will not make it boring. Every level has at least one unique feature such as a different door or button making the game grow more and more complex as you play.

Overall we cannot wait to get the game in your hands. The game is already fun to play and will be coming to a variety of platforms so nobody misses out the ability to play it. To find out more news straight from us at voxvomit goto our website voxvomit.com for more information.

We look forward to letting you play our new title.

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