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For today we have one of our crew engineers willing to discuss some of the necessary requirements for our new voyage into the endless recesses of space. Transportation, Artillery, Shields, and tracking the physical and mental status of our crew will be amongst the many things discussed today.

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This is Crewman K.

My Captain has notified me that it is necessary to allow you access to our records as well as keeping you informed on the slow progress of the construction on our progress so here is the first of what will be known as Crewman's Logs.

The Ship:

Screen Shot 2016 09 13 at 8 21 0

What we have here is the placeholder schematic for our primary vessel. The controls allow for forward and lateral movement, boosters will be implemented in the future for longer transportation. Interestingly enough space allows for three dimensional materialization ( of course it does; planets, asteroids, etc. are three dimensional so of course our ship would be.) Moving on.

Artillery -

Screen Shot 2016 09 13 at 8 21 3

Above you will notice the several multi-colored arrows placed around the front of the ship. Each color signifies a specific weapon that MIGHT be added including:

- Primary Blaster

- Dual Blasters

- Triple Blasters

- Quad Shot

- Spread Shot

- Gatling Gun

- Dual Gatlings

- Homing Missiles

- Laser Beam

We even have some schematics that I'm allowed to give you access to...Hopefully they aren't stolen by our enemies.

Screen Shot 2016 09 13 at 8 54 5

Most of our weapons will be maintained by an internal core, which will also maintain our shields and defenses. Unfortunately I'm not allowed to display any of the internal information regarding the ship our our shields so maybe that will be included in another log. This will also end the current log I will be back with more information for you, so just stay tuned.

Crewman K

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