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Surviving Lanbridge is a city building real-time strategy game that offers both micro and marco managements of your town. It's based in 19th century and faces multiple struggles of that era - starving, homelessness, unemployment, poverty. As a player you're job is to grow your town by constructing building, producing resources, signing laws, researching new knowledges, maintaining economy by trading with neighbour cities and manufacturing goods. Game includes dynamic weather

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Surviving Lanbridge city building real-time strategy game currently being developed by Lumi studios. Game takes place in 19th century. Game has no path to follow so it's up to player to decide the growth of Lanbridge. You can start by building farms, warehouses, lumber yards and other basic level buildings. Game's start goal is to produce enough vital resources like food, firewood and clothes to last through passive seasons (late autumn till early spring) where farming and other jobs will be limited. Game includes dynamic weather that affects gameplay. As your town grows - you will unlock law book, research table and economy putting you in charge of towns funds, taxes, manufacturing, laws and other aspects of game.

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