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Penguemic has only 36 hours of Kickstarter time left! Last chance to back and get rewards!

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Dear Awesome Backers,Do you realize what's going on here? You guys are making a wave!!! For the last 2 days my inbox hasn't had a minute to rest, thanks to all of you Penguemic's now caught on with the press (here, here and here) and we're getting more coverage in the coming weeks leading up to launch, as well as at IndieCade next week! THANK YOU for getting us so close to making our dream a reality!! (Check out this hilarious Youtube Let's Play video)

Kickstarter: Kickstarter.com
Alpha Demo: Learndistrict.com

You'll notice we've only got 33 hours on the clock, and only $5,400 remaining.Mathematically, that comes down to $23.47 per backer - i.e. if each one of you guys were to up your pledge by $23.47, BAM! we'd be there! But it shouldn't come down to this - you've already done your part, and we're SO grateful for your contribution. No seriously, we're as grateful as this little kitty (d'aww) :D

What you CAN do is get your friends to pledge! Get 2 friends to buy a copy of the game (have them play the demo too!) This is it, this is the final stretch, and we need your help!And of course, keep spreading the word on social media, listservs and in person. Up your pledge if you can!! LET'S GET SOME GOOD EDGAMES OUT THERE!<3

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