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We wanted to introduce ourself and try to explain what GemBreak is all about and why!

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Hi fellow gamers,

We wanted to introduce ourself and try to explain what GemBreak is all about and why!
Lets start off by telling a bit about ourselves. We are 3 guys in Ballista Studios, and we are all located in Denmark.
- Janus (Developer & 3D artist) - Mike (Programming & 2D Nerd) - Jon (Musician & Sound FX)

We have spend around a year to create / develop GemBreak. The physics had to be juuust right, and that can be really hard considering we have around 10 bonusses in the game to take into account.
It was hard work, and we have been living on coffee for a long time now, but we think and hope its worth it!

The idea of GemBreak is to take a Pachinko/Peggle style game and turn up the speed! Not just a little, but a lot. We did this by creating sliding slopes, and speed up bricks and many other cool features like bouncers, black holes, gravitation planets which either pulls or pushes the ball away, and other arcade style features.

One of the things we really wanted to implement, was not only speed, but also a tactical gameplay feature.
Our solution was a draggable cannon, which allows us to create precision shots, and shoot in a new and tactical way. Its really impossible to finish all the levels withought making good use of the cannon.

There is so much more to tell, but we dont want to spoil it all, since you will hopefully play it if we get greenlit.
But we hope that you will see the potential for an awesome and addictive puzzle shooter with great physics, gameplay, music and so much more!

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