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Some latest numbers from Ostrich Island for you. Did you played recently? Maybe it was you, whose game play shuffled countries in our scoreboard so easily?

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Ostrich Island. What happened last month?

April is here. We have released the version 1.14, removing word Beta from its name and it is time to sum up changes in our scoreboard for the last month.
879 players from 78 countries played our Demo and Beta version already! Below is a short summary of changes in Scoreboard for the last month.

United States players were able to gain the lead, moving to first place at the beginning of the month. But not for long! One week later, the US was pushed back to second place by incredibly good Polish players!

For the UK, things were also looked bright when it managed to surpass New Zealand and regained a Top 10 spot. Until the last weekend, when another strong country started the Ostrich Island treasure hunt - the United Arab Emirates joined us last Sunday jumping directly to 4th place and moving the UK out of the top 10 again! What a month!

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TOP 10 Countries

#1 Poland
#2 United States
#3 Montenegro
#4 United Arab Emirates
#5 Ireland
#6 Guatemala
#7 Germany
#8 Russian Federation
#9 Finland
#10 Estonia

TOP 10 Players

#1 Sven
#2 Natalia Smirnova
#3 Con Tiki
#4 Razastrophy
#5 MatCaster
#6 m15536
#7 Rokay
#8 Michael Lubker
#9 KrzychuPL
#10 Misu

The latest data can be found here: Medungeon.com

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