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Did you like the music from the game? We have released the soundtrack from the game for the low price of $4!

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Hello everyone!

We hope you've been enjoying our game so far! We've seen some awesome Let's Play videos of it up on YouTube already and that makes us very happy. If you feel like doing a video or two, you totally can (and we love to watch them)! Oh, and if you have any questions for us devs, go ahead and ask on the forum, or email us. We're available!

Now for the big news! Did you like the music from the game? Well, now you can buy the soundtrack! We have made it available for the low price of $4 over on Bandcamp. Follow this link to get there:

You can listen to the music for free over there (and on Spotify, where it's also available), but of course, shelling out some cash for it is a great way to support us. And also, please share this soundtrack link with your friends!

Also, our composer has a Facebook page where he posts stuff, so if you want to like that page you totally can.

Oh, and if iTunes is more your thing, or if you'd like to get it on Amazon, you totally can - but we couldn't regulate the price point for those platforms, so it's a lot more expensive over there.

Thank you for your continued support!

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