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Operation Lotus (Coop Features and Ideas Announced)!

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The following is a feature list we are seeking to integrate over the course of development of our newly announced Coop codenamed "Operation Lotus". The Mode is currently in development and we are seeking to release an alpha test for free to the community in a months time.

Dark Storm

Operation Lotus
Fenrir Inferno

You and your team of 8 friends must survive on the Island. The days last 15 minutes and a night lasts 15 which equals one day you must survive for 2 days. After the first 2 days a helicopter would have a randomly generated location for yourself and your team to get to, to escape the island. You have 15 minutes before hand to reach the chopper else you are on stuck on the island for another 2 days. If you never board the chopper the game will last forever. There is planned a Global Leaderboard for friends and worldwide to see who is on top. (I.E Days survived and kills)
· 4.5 Mile Interactive environment
· Up to 8 Player Coop
· Fully Customable Character & Load outs
· 25 Weapons from launch new additions over time for free


Explore an environment with dynamic weather effects that can damage the game world as time progresses and change the layout based on that. (I.E thunderstorms, Hurricanes, rain) Fallen trees and projectiles from weather affects can kill AI and player alike.


Assault: Suppression affects are lowered: Exceeds in CQB/ Mid-Range (Rifles, SMG's, and LMG) Can resupply ammo for himself or team and Faster Sprint, Rally (reduces the amount of damage taken by 5%)

Support: Exceeds in Far-Range/Mid-Range (SMG's and LMG) Can resupply health for himself or team and revive time decreased, All hands in (increases the fire rate of team by 3% for 10 seconds)

Recon: Bullet Drop Reduced: Exceeds in Long Range (Rifles and SMG's) 3D Spot Ability (Analyze enemies in environments), God Eye (Shows all the enemies on the map for 3 seconds in a localized area)

Interactive Drop-in

After your teams Osprey is damaged everyone on the team will have a role to fill to ensure the plane comes down safety. I.E Action Sequences (Covering the neck of the bleeding out pilot, holding onto rails, and even determine the crash site by taking control of the plane). If any of the players fail their cut-scenes it causes the plane to crash immediately if they succeed they can control where the plane will go down. (The longer the plane is airborne the higher the chances the AI will attempt to shoot down the plane and damage the players)
All classes have access to the entire weapon tree there are no restrictions but limitations on performance on the guns and player themselves. If one team member is downed you have 5 minutes to revive him. If the player is not revived in that time they will be captured and moved to a random enemy camp. From there the player will have to wait until his team locates him or escape on his own using whatever means necessary. (Pick lock with bones/ distraction methods: pretending to be sick/grabbing guards that venture to close to bars)


Firefights are very dangerous to get into on this game mode as an Aggro system would follow your AI as you progress through the level pacing their overall difficulty. Also the AI would scale to the situation and frequently call in backup. (Hinds and Support Vehicles)


Sounds good and even sounds MGS'ish. Will the enemy patrols and support call-in groups be dynamic? i.e. will they change their regular patrolling habits and unit sizes based on the current performance of the players?.

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yes, if your teams aggro is high enough a patrol can be upto 10 guys plus a light armored vehicle. But lets say you kill alot of Enemies they would start to pack some more heavy armored patrol which that would mean more vehicles less guys and (a helicopter can drop of guy in your position <which is planned).

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Wow! Coop? Are you serious?

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Dark583 Author

yes sir!

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