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Do you like nailguns? Do you like shooting up cores? Do you like not-sluggish mice? Do you like horny bunnies? Then scoot over and put a good waste to 309mb of your bandwidth today! (Well, we were lying about that bunny bit, but...)

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This is the version you've been waiting for.

Missionpack menu New quad damage effect


  • First playable release of the missionpack (to you this means OA's answer to Team Arena, which adds several new gametypes and features like voice set)
  • Missionpack weapons (nailgun, chaingun, and prox mines) are inherited into baseoa
  • New SDL mouse input code (so if 0.7.6/7 was bad for you, try this one)
  • New player model: Sorceress
  • New maps: Schism, Pul1ctf, oa_bases7
  • New voices for the announcer and Kyonshi
  • Optimization: oa_bases3 is now much faster, bullet impacts are heavily simplified, Ayumi has no body mesh anymore
  • Map updates to dm6ish, q3dm6ish, oasago2, oa_bases3cl, oa_ctf4ish, oa_minia
  • Lots of other things that are too numerous to mention here.

You can download it here! (309mb)
Mac version coming soon. (Due to some technical difficulties we couldn't get a simultaneous mac release again)


wooo :D
go leilei :D

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