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Green light for open beta test this Sunday for version 1.36.0 Hybrid Supply, Information you should read because it will affect servers.

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Open Beta will begin this Sunday! This is the first iteration of Hybrid Supply. The map will be set to "Intermission" mode with unlimited supply so everyone can get a feel for the changes. Game servers will be down for several hours during this process, and we recommend players to uninstall their current game and download the latest version (version 1.36.0) when it is available. High Command Teams have spent the week with SCKING and the Quality Assurance Team for a more in-depth training, the following article is tailored for the majority of our players and what you can expect this Sunday.

Game play will be very similar for most players who are not in High Command. Attack and Defend Orders, Forward Base acquisitions, creating missions, setting Fortified Mobile Spawns, capturing towns, and "killing the enemy" will be the norm. Game timers will remain the same including spawn delays, side lock, etc. Listed below are some of the changes with Hybrid Supply...

Visual Differences:

  • Every front line town will have a flag with "Garrison" supply - including armor and infantry (like our current brigade system)
  • Every town linking to a front line town will have Garrison supply as well (armor and infantry)
  • Every town with Naval Port or Dock will have an Army Garrison associated with it.

  • Every Airfield will include an Air Force Garrison, Paratrooper Garrison and Army Garrison.

  • If an Airfield becomes frontline, the Air Force Garrison (containing Fighters / Bombers) will be deactivated. However the Army and Paratrooper Garrisons will remain with that Air Field even if it is a frontline town. Upon re-buffering the Air Field town, you will re-enable the Air Force Garrison.

  • Both sides will have 3 full Divisions (HQ, 2 Infantry, and 1 Armor Brigades) that can be used to supplement or reinforce an Attack/Defensive Orders. These Divisions can be moved across the map by HC only
  • Only Brigades can be routed off the map, Garrisons will be "hidden" while the opposite side owns the town

Overstocking Supply:

  • Overstocking Garrison to Garrison from a back line town to a front line town can be achieved to 100% of its original supply - example: the front line Garrison has 2 Firefly tanks (maximum supply), you could overstock that front line Garrison to a total of 4 Firefly tanks by driving from the back line town and despawning at the army base. ANY weapon/vehicle can be overstocked including Air and Navy units
  • You can not overstock from a Fortified Mobile Spawn (FMS)
  • You can not overstock a Garrison from a Brigade

Supply Lines:

  • Weapon/vehicle units will have the standard resupply timers when KIA/MIA/Rescued/RTB
  • Factory status/damage will have the same effect on Garrison and Brigade supply
  • Supply will "trickle in" when a town is captured, or a Brigade is moved to a new town

Capture Points:

  • All Army Base (AB) and Capture Point (CP) facilities will have supply except City and Factory facilities (same as now)
  • When an AB is captured (even if it only has one AB), the CP's will still have supply and will be spawnable - similar to HAAC (hold at all cost) - and the back line town's Foward Base will open up
  • If there is multiple AB's that were captured, every AB needs to be recaptured before supply is available/spawnable from any of the AB's in that town. If all AB's are recaptured, the back line town's FB will disappear. The attacking sides FB will remain until the town is completely captured, or the opposing side destroys it
  • Allied successful town capture - Captured towns will be decided upon the capping player's Country (Allied High Command can change the Country ownership within a set time of capture)

Please remember, this is the first version of Hybrid Supply. Players can expect a maintenance patch soon after open beta, there are a few minor issues already being fixed.

For a more detailed description on Hybrid Supply:

Please help us refine the game by reporting any anomalies by typing .bug (issue/report) in the chat bar.

We will see you in the field SALUTE!

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