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Online multiplayer beta is up and running on Steam!

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It's official - the online multiplayer beta is up and running! You can start up a multiplayer session by choosing “Online” from the title screen.

Next, pick your favorite game mode (coop/versus/arcade) and invite somebody. Make sure you are signed into “Steam chat” to see which of your friends are playing too.

Lastly, there are a few things that you can do to improve your online experience:
- Play with friends who live nearby, preferably on the same continent.
- Plug into a wired connection or at least try to stay close to your wireless router.
- Close any open applications or background services connected to the internet.
- Turn off other devices connected to your home network or WIFI.

If you are having trouble please get in touch and remember to enable automatic updates for both your Steam client and the game. Thanks for reading and much LÖVE!


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