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The entire changelog for the recent update, 0.7.8. Also goes over the upcoming plans in the next couple months.

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Hey everyone, welcome to the next update to Oneiro. This one was weirdly paced due to the holidays and events I had to attend with the new year, but I managed to add a fair amount.

Major Changes:

  • "Gear" is now obtainable in the game, also known as consumable items. The inventory screen has been shifted over to make room for the gear to be on a single space, and the player can only hold 4 different gear items on them at once. This small amount was put into place to encourage the player to use them more often as opposed to hoarding them forever. Below are some examples of Gear:
    • Life Potion: The typical life potion from any other video game, restores 25% of your Max Health upon consuming.
    • Throwing Knife: An item you can actively throw, and deal some extra damage if you have good accuracy. These can also be picked up if you get to them quick enough after throwing them.
    • Ashes of Wisps: Gear that "imbues" the player with a certain element. More on that in the next bullet.
    • Another important thing to mention is that you can use items anytime if you have a one handed weapon.
  • Imbuements can be applied to the player through the use of Gear. Imbuing the player will allow each of your physical attacks to carry an element on them. For example, you can imbue yourself with the fire element, and enemies you attack with the Longsword will be burned. These imbuements can be stacked onto the current weapons element as well.
  • Arguably a "Minor" Change; but Status Effects now work a little differently. before this version, an entity(be the player or an enemy), could only have one status effect. With the new version, certain effects can mix and match with each other to create new ones.
    • Applying a burn to an enemy that is already burning will cause a Hellfire status effect, which is a much more threatening burn.
    • If you apply Ice on an entity who is burning, they will get the Frostbite status effect.
    • A good example at using these, is through the use of the new Gear. Ashes of a Red Wisp will "imbue" the player, causing their attacks to acquire elemental damage, and be able to inflict status effects like burning onto an enemy. Combining this imbuement with the Torch weapon, will cause each enemy hit to be inflicted with Hellfire, which is a huge advantage.

Minor Changes:

  • The first weapon near the player in the labyrinth has a chance to be other Tier 1 weapons now(ie. spear and sledgehammer)
  • The first labyrinth can now have an alternative music track play. The previous one is still in the game, and it's purely chance on whether or not you hear the new one or not.
  • Changed how stacking works with Fiery Essence. Reworked the broken equation with the Spiked Boots and made them a little more viable.
  • The spike traps around the Labyrinth will do more damage, to both the player and enemies alike.
  • Bug fixes/small tweaks to the UI. Now displays your current gear equipped.
  • Lots of things that will go unnoticed, such as internal changes preparation, and lots of planning/modelling that will make future updates possible.

Other important notes:

  • I got a subreddit up and running for Oneiro, r/OneiroZSG, check it out here. I'll be pretty active on this subreddit and trying to get my the game known a little more out there. I encourage others to share their own clips from Oneiro if they catch them on camera too!
  • I'll hopefully be launching a kickstarter in the next month or two for some extra funding and to afford the programs I use, and perhaps commission a few things that I simply cannot do well. I'll keep Itch.io updated through these logs.
  • I'm planning on releasing this game Q3 2020. I paid $100 out of my own pocket to get all the Steam fees out of the way, and I'm still waiting for confirmation on Steams end. I'll be working on the Store page for a while to make it presentable and informative.

Here's the video version if you prefer that:

That's everything I wanted to cover out of this log; I hope you all had a good start to your new year, and have a good one. Hope y'all have a good time playing with gear!

-Ryan, ZSG

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