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The entire changelog to describe what has been added/changed to fit Version 0.7.7!

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Hey, everyone!

This is a nice little update. It's a smaller update than the previous ones, but I got it out quicker, and it adds certain features that should not be left out.

Warning about a giant wall of text in the first bullet; New additions to the combat system are worth going in depth about.

Major Changes

  • All types of weapons have a new "alternative attack". These attacks separate and differentiate between each type even more than before. Some weapons, like the torch, will not be able to perform the alternative attack. These attacks can be charged to empower them, but only for a certain amount of time. Certain weapons will be able to ignore this restriction, such as being able to charge a spear infinitely. Charges can be cancelled, but this may change in future versions for specific weapons to encourage players to follow through with their instincts. The following alternative attacks for each Weapon Type is as follows:
    • Swords: A two part attack in which the player raises their sword- blade away from the foe- and slams the hilt of the sword downwards on the enemy, immediately followed by a long reaching stab. The first hit of this paralyzes the foe, causing them to lose all actions and freezes in place. The follow up stab moves the player forwards, and is one of the longest reaching attacks the player has access to.
    • Hammers: A two part attack where the player first performs an underhand swing directed upwards pushing foes into the air, followed by a monumental overhead swing towards the ground. Striking the ground with the 2nd swing will cause a quick small shockwave, similar to the Golem. As of writing this, this is the strongest attack the player has at their disposal, and naturally, has a ton of start up time, and end time.
    • Spears: The player throws their spear. Simple in concept, but is rather unique. The spear arcs in the air, impaling any enemy, wall, or ceiling/land it collides with. Impaled enemies will take double damage from the spear and have it lodged in them as they continue performing actions. Removing the lodged spear will deal extra damage. I put a lot of thought into this mechanic, so I hope you give it a try, even if it means losing your spear.
    • Karambits: A counter attack which prohibits all damage done, assuming the origin of the attack is still living. A good comparison to this case is the Echo Barrier; if the echo barrier can activate, so can the counter. Upon successfully countering, the game will attempt to teleport the player right next to the enemy, and unleash a devastating blow dealing 3x the normal damage. In addition to this, you can chain this attack immediately into the normal attack combo, effectively creating a 7-hit combo.
  • Labyrinth spike traps will now generate around the labyrinth. Spike traps will hide within the land and the walls, and will trigger when the player steps within their path. If the player gets hit, they will be stopped in their tracks until the spike trap lets go of them.
  • When picking up a weapon, your previous weapon will now appear as a pick up. You effectively swap weapons now, as opposed to just getting rid of the old ones. This was done to encourage the use of the Spear throwing. This cannot be abused with the Ancient Amulet, or the scoring system.

Minor Changes

  • The options menu will now allow you to toggle on/off Minimal Hud. This disables the inventory/stat menu text, and hides the timer until it gets below the 10 minute mark.
  • There is now an indicator on the screen when you become stunned/impaled.
  • A few changes with the lighting in the labyrinth, along with the lighting settings for the High Graphics Setting.
  • A couple more commands have been added to the dev console for various testing purposes. More info in the document.
  • Other misc. tweaks, not worthy enough of mentioning.


You can find the game linked here on IndieDB!

I hope everyone finds this update enjoyable, and if ya do, consider joining the discord or checking out my twitter!

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