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Goes over the major changes in the new version, such as new generation, a new miniboss, and a dev console!

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Hey everyone,

This was an intense version to work on, but I sincerely hope this update makes up for the lack of an update last month.

Generation can be tough to get down, and I'm really proud of what I've accomplished over the last two months. I believe it was well worth the wait, considering this new generation method will allow future development of the game flow to go much smoother.

Full changelog:

  • The new generation will definitely have an impact on gameplay, as the developer, I have much more control over how the game generates a labyrinth. Something important to mention is that because I rewrote generation from the ground up, that all the spawn rates for enemies and treasures are varied slightly.
  • New Enemy: Shadow Beast
    • The Shadow Beast is Oneiro's first mini-boss.
    • This mini-boss has low health and defense, but has the potential to deal tons of damage.
    • Shadow Beast is the first enemy to introduce the stunned effect, in which you cannot move for a short period of time.
    • Shadow Beast can physically pull sections of the Labyrinth downwards, and has a couple different attacks. All of which inflict a new Cursed status effect.
  • A new item is dropped by the Shadow Beast titled Shadow Essence.
    • This item decreases defense by 40%, but each time you kill an enemy, you gain 2% in your attack stat.
  • As mentioned previously, you'll be able to find special drawings along the Labyrinth's walls. These can be interacted with, and "activated". Once activating a number of these drawings, you'll be warned about a new creature awakening. This is where a mini boss will come into the labyrinth.
  • I've finally gotten around to adding a console in game for players to mess around if they desire to do so. I didn't put too much work into making this base form because I had to add more important features such as generation and the mini-boss. There's a lot of fun commands though, and I hope this creates some bizarre moments.
  • The kill counter has been worked on, and now determines whether it was a player kill or not.
  • The generation time should be a little quicker.

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