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Indie survival horror game One Night 4 has become part of an Indiegogo campaign to raise funding for materials essential for its completion.

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Indie survival horror game One Night 4, the latest entry in Dark Gaia Studios' popular One Night series has begun development, and its creators have turned to fans to fund production by setting up an Indiegogo campaign. The campaign's goal is $2000, which should be more than enough to obtain materials neccesary for the game's completion, including custom graphics and artwork (such as character and monster sprites, concept art and futuristic tilesets for RPG Maker), a complete soundtrack and programming assets such as enemy AI and a stealth system.

One Night 4
is a freeware indie survival horror game being developed in the RPG Maker VX Ace engine that attempts to capture the spirit of classic PSX era survival horror games such as the original Resident Evil and Silent Hill. Planned for release in 2013, it concludes the story of the previous One Night games and presents players with a brand new psychological horror experience that tasks them with exploring a series of nightmarish dreamscapes while making sense of protagonist Gordon West's recurring nightmares. Players are able to switch between the dream world and real world at will, while intelligent monsters hunt them in real time and track them from room to room.

Dark Gaia Studios want to make this the best One Night game yet (scratch that -- the best 2D horror game so far) and we really need your help and support to make this a reality. Without funding, we won't be able to implement everything we need to make the game even better than its prequels, and the project may never be completed without your help. If you're a fan of the One Night games or just want to help us bring the indie gaming scene a fully featured classic horror game (complete with puzzles, an intriguing storyline and scares), then please pledge your support. Us and all of our players appreciate it!


I played the previous games, donation sent !

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DarkGaiaStudios Author

Thanks, friend! It's very much appreciated. Even if we don't meet our $2000 goal, every little bit helps and anything we raise will be useful to us.

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