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Wow, only one month, and PUPPET has already had over 800 downloads! You all are amazing, I never thought that this game would be anywhere close to being good enough for the publicity is has been receiving. I'm so grateful.

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You all are simply awesome. In exactly one month since its February 8th release, this game has had over 800 downloads. It is incredible for me to even comprehend the mere idea of touching the lives of over 800 people with my game (however good it is or not). Thank you, this is helping me immensely with my high school Senior Project. Seriously, I am so grateful for everybody's support and advice. I know that I am unable to post updates as often as you deserve them, but things like this make me wish that I could. I do intend on posting at least one more update to the game, probably this summer once I graduate.

But in the meantime, here is the reaction video I made with some of my friends. Be sure to check out other people's "let's-plays" as well, since each and every one of them is very cool and special to me. The ones I've found come from:

BeefhamGamingHD Summerfield
Let's Play Games!
Mario Gaming
Not Good At Lying
Sir Rex
Sisalogic's Gaming Channel
Soldier Boom
Zach ThEaVeNgEr

Give them some support!

Once again, thank you to everybody. :)

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