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A bigger update with many improvements, such as unified global map!

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The new update (2.10) is here. It has been a while because we have been working on many new big features and improvements, and also because the Play Store updates are slow now and we want to pack more things into a single update. Without further ado, here is what is changing:

- Light Effects: this is a nice feature that adds a cool day and night effect to the game.

- More Hotkeys: for Desktop you can now use hotkeys from F1 to F12. On Mobile you can scroll through the hotkeys depending on your screen size!

- Trade Ingame: we have decided to move the trade to ingame, as the majority of players didn't like to leave the map to be able to trade. Please let us know what you think!

- Map Events: who knows when Satan's will finally come out of his chambers?

- Unified Maps: all maps are unified into a single map now. There will be two servers, one PvP and one non-PvP. For now you can change between them as many times you want.

- PvP Changes: the skulls are being removed. Only the bloody swords remain, and you gain PvP points by killing/dying on combat, depending on the level difference, number of players and PvP points difference. The PvP server is meant to battle, but you can hunt there too at your own risk!

- New Rankings: more rankings are being added, including the PvP points ranking, gold ranking and achievements ranking (quest + outfits for now).

- Exp Formula: as announced before, a small tweak to the formula is being made. That affects only players level 200+.

- Premium Features: boats are being added to the game and there are a few exclusive routes only available for Premium accounts. The bonus exp is being reduced to 30% (we hope you enjoyed the initial launch bonus!!).

- New Quests, Items, Outfits and Monsters: we will stop giving out spoilers on Discord. The game has enough lore for your to enjoy solving Kakele's mysteries!!

- Bye Bye Doggie: we have removed the 'Dog' monster. It was replaced with a rat instead. May the dogs rest in peace.

- Sprite Changes: there were some improvements to clarify the meaning of some statuses and spells.

- Many Other Improvements: we fixed other small details in the game, such as the Demonic Skeletons quest.

For those experiencing lag, worry you not, we are working hard to improve things for you. Please check out our post about it here: Kakele.io

We hope you will enjoy it, and with all updates we want to remind you to be polite and constructive on your feedback as anything is subject to improvement or change as the game evolves.

Moreover, we are migrating to a new and more powerful server provider. So please be patient on this update because the game may be a bit unstable until we get everything up and running.

And here is a failed attempt at killing the strongest boss so far:

See you soon,

The ViVa Team

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