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It would seem that people are rating this mod poorly because they can't get it to work. I assure you, folks, this mod has undergone rigorous testing and several versions have been released so as to make sure all bugs have been released. Enquire within to figure out how to install the mod 100% correctly.

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Okay, so I've noticed there are several people making note that they need a serial number, or that the mod is too buggy for them to run. I would like to point out that I have tested absolutely every part of this mod time and time again, and for a solid two weeks after initial release, I released updated versions in order to squash out every unplayable bug that people made note of. However, since releasing it here on Moddb, I've noticed a stream of 'serial code required' problems. I'm here to address this.

Now, to address the issue of Serial Keys. This is either happening because you obtained Amnesia through illegal means (just pay the damn price, Frictional Games deserves the money, guys!) or you installed the mod wrong. There is no reason why my modification should require the use of another serial number. If this problem persists after installing it correctly, try looking in "My Documents/Amnesia/Main" for the installkey, then copy it over to the "My Documents/Amnesia/Deterioration" folder.

As for people making note that the installation broke their Amnesia game, you installed it wrong. There are two files in the .zip file, a folder called Deterioration and a Deterioration.bat file. These two files are to be dragged directly into the main Amnesia folder, so that the .bat file is in the same area as Amnesia.exe, and the folder is right alongside the other main Amnesia folders, such as static_objects, entities, sounds, etc. It should not be in the custom_stories folder, and you should NOT go into the Deterioration folder and take the contents out and merge them with the initial Amnesia folders.

I hope that clears up the issues. Enjoy!

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